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My name is Remus Neagu, and I am 31 years old. I was born in Mangalia, a pleasant city on Romania’s seashore. At the age of 18, I left my hometown for the first time in search of a well-paying summer job in a foreign country. It happened to be Cyprus, where I worked for the following five summers while still studying for my engineering degree. The main reason was that our parents couldn’t afford to pay for my costly student fees, therefore the best option was to work abroad during the summer season and then return with the earnings to continue with my education. After five years of hard labor, five summers of travelling abroad, and several challenges and setbacks, I did it. We did it, as a family! I’ve just achieved my objectives thanks to the tremendous help I received from my sister and family. I was the first one in my family to complete a full-time renowned university study program and obtain an engineering degree.

Shortly after graduating, I was employed by a multinational corporation, where I began my engineering career. They did nominate me as an expert after a year and sent me abroad on a fantastic relocation assignment. That country happened to be Czech Republic, place where I’ve been living for the next four years of my life. Four years of personal and professional growth, incredible moments, and life-changing decisions.

After four years of living in Czech Republic, I was approached by a German company regarding a new working contract. After a few interviews and business trips, I’ve been relocated (this time by myself) to Germany. The country where I am currently living.

Given my life experience and understanding of the difficulties that must be faced in order to live abroad, I have a huge amount of empathy for individuals who are struggling in a foreign country. Fortunately, thanks to God, I have a positive story since nothing was ever missing from my life, but along the way, I encountered thousands of foreigners who were fighting more than you could ever imagine in order to make a few hundred euros to send back to their families.

All of these situations shattered my heart, humbled me, and opened my eyes to a raw portrait of our society. After a short period of time, I had an idea. What if I set up a platform where the people I’ve met along the way may look for help?

This is how Foreigners United was born. A platform designed to help foreigners across the world.