Decentralized Humanitarian Practice Network

Bringing a different type of attention towards the entire cryptographic community

Considering the astonishing number of foreign people living abroad, our dream is to start a trend, if not an era, where the cryptography can play a huge role into supporting people out there. 

Foreigners United is offering all of the tools required in order to make a peer-to-peer donation possible. Where anyone can donate to anyone else without any 3rd parties involved or any other headaches.

Our vision is to create an ecosystem, a network of people, where individuals may support other individuals who may be in a foreign country and struggling with trivial necessities. We are developing a platform through which anyone may donate to anyone else without the involvement of a middleman. You just visit Our Community, and if you enjoy someone’s story, you may immediately send our forU tokens to him using MetaMask.

Our platform offers the possibility that anyone can create an account where a “Life Story” can be shared together with many other personal details in order to validate the authenticity of the “Life Story”. And so to shake as many hearts as possible so they can generate donations from those which owns forU tokens.

As the blockchain world is merging with our real world on such a huge pace, offering amazing projects of various sizes, we do believe that there’s no limit. There is no such thing as limits, when we do talk about the blockchain world nowadays. Then, why there would be limits regarding a humanitarian movement?

We know that there are approximately 290 million foreigners all over the world right now. Out of which 49% represents females, while 51% represents males.

That’s almost 4% of the entire population which is immigrating towards well developed countries in order to create a better life for their selves and for their loved ones. By starting over.

We also know that there are plenty of people which are struggling abroad and on the other side there are so many people which would love to offer a little unconditional help to someone which has a beautiful story behind.

There are many beautiful souls out there. Some of them are living in their native countries while some of them chose to strive for a better future somewhere abroad, far away from their home. Strangers, foreigners, acquaintances, friends, family, you name them. Human beings. And we do believe that through our ambitious project can truly bring all of them together.

Realistically speaking, if 1% of those which are up to help will do invest only 1% of their pocket money in such a manifestation then there will be a trend, there will be an ecosystem, there will be a network and there will be hope. Our community will grow, our project will grow and the rest will be history while a new trend will be established.

And then a different kind of attention will be aimed towards our crypto-community.


It is not mandatory to make an account in order to check our community. For example, if you are just planning to have a look around, you can just visit our Life Stories page. It is required to have an account, only if you want to share your Life Story with the world wide web or if you want to join our community and make new connections.

Foreigners' STORIES

Foreigners all over the world are now able to share their life stories with the entire world. Our platform is aimed towards humanitarian actions, by allowing anyone from anywhere to share a life story and to get donations for it based on how well and how warm it was described.

Cryptographic tokens

forU Tokens. 28 trillion IERC20 tokens available for the entire world. Tokens which were built on Fantom Opera Chain and which are designed for only one purpose:
Peer to peer donations: I like your story, I donate you some of my forU tokens.

The Functions / Modes of our Smart Contract

Detailed Description

Reward Mode

2% of each deal goes into auto-generated liquidity pools

Every single transaction with forU tokens leads to auto-generating liquidity, which is then distributed to numerous Decentralized Exchange (DEX) pools.

Phoenix Mode

project's wallet receives 1% of each transaction

As simply as it sounds, each transaction rewards the project's wallet with 1% of all forU tokens traded. Tokens that will be awarded on a regular basis to our community through Air Drops.

Karma Mode

2% of each transaction is reflected towards all forU holders

Every transaction generates 2% rewards for all of our holders. Essentially, by holding our tokens, you will earn more, allowing us to support more people and also to build a trustworthy and healthy community.

The cryptographic community can play a huge role by helping foreigners all over the world.

Imagine that...